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Life For Now On

This takes place one year after the graduation of Kyo, Yuki, Uo, Hana, and of course Tohru. Since then Tohru and Kyo have been living together. This is their story.
K: I'm home Tohru!
T: Oh Kyo your home I'm glad I missed you!
This was her usual response everytime he came home no matter how long he was gone, but it never got old because he loved hearing her say that.
K: Mmmmmmm dinner smells good.
T: Thank you! I made onigri.
K: Yum!
As he walks in the kitchen to see his lovely wife standing there making dinner he sees something different about her a more radiant glow to her, but he couldn't put his finger on it. As he usually does Kyo walks in and gives Tohru a kiss. Kyo started to help her by cooking some rice, but as soon as he brought it close to her she ran for the bathroom.
T: Excuse me Kyo!
K: Tohru are you alright in there?
T: Yes I'm fine I will be out in just a...........(Throws up)
K: Tohru I'm coming in. Ok?
T: NO please don't I'm fine i don't want you to lose your appetite.
Kyo ignored her anyway and went in to see Tohru his wife sitting there hugging the toilet.
K: You're not fine. You should go lay down.
T: No I'm fine it's been happening for awhile now. I think It's just changes with my body or something.
K: Wait this has been going on for days!
T: More like three weeks, but I'm fine really Kyo.
K: WEEKS! Why didn't you tell me? We need to have someone look at you right now!!
T: Kyo I'm fine I don't need a doctor it's probably just me.
K: No Tohru we are going now whether you like it or not i don't care how late it is! Now get your things and and we will be off.
T: Ok Kyo.
Ten minutes later they arrived at the nearest hospital and checked Tohru in.
Nurse: The doctor will be here in a moment.
T: Thank you.
K: Thank you.
Doctor: Hello Mrs.Sohma, how are you today?
T: I'm good, thank you.
Doctor: I take this man here is your husband?
T: Yes.
Doctor: So tell me why you're here today?
T: Um......well........
K: I found her in the bathroom puking.
Doctor: Oh thank you. Tohru can you tell me how long you have been sick?
T: About three weeks. I thought it was from my body changing or something.
Doctor: Have you discovered a disliking for certain foods and wanting to eat less.
K: She did throw up as soon as she smelt the rice.
The doctor gave Tohru a cup and told her that all he needed was a small eurine sample. All Tohru could do was blush and do as he said. Tohru came out of the bathroom with a small yellow cup full of liquid. It only made Tohru blush more when she saw Kyo looking at her with worried eyes as she set down the cup for the doctor to take.
Doctor: I see you have finished I will be right back with the nurse to take some blood, ok?
T: Ok.
K: What do you think they are testing for?
T: I don't know.
Doctor/Nurse: Ok Mrs.Sohma can You Hold your arm out for me so i can take the blood?
T: Sure.
Doctor/Nurse: Alright we will take everything back for test and come back with some results, ok?
T: Ok, Thank you!
K: Thank you.
About twenty minutes later the doctor came back in to a sleepy Tohru and Kyo, but they shot straight up when the doctor came back with results.
Doctor: So I have the results right here. Here you go Mrs.Sohma. Congratulations!
Tohru looked at him very confused and so did Kyo. Tohru took the papers and before she knew it at the top of the paper it said "Pregnany Test +", and before Tohru could process it she had tears running down her eyes and dropped the papers. Kyo looked at her worried and took the papers and understood why she was crying.
Doctor: Congratulations on the baby!
K: Thank you!
As soon as the the doctor left Kyo went up to Tohru, who had her faced covered so he couldn't see her cry, and gave her the biggest hug possible. Tohru gasped and without hesitation Kyo took his chance and kissed her. Kyo was so happy to know that there was a little baby made from their love growing inside her.
K: Tohru are you happy about this?
T: Of course I am I'm crying because I'm happy!
K: Good because I'm excited, proud, and very nervous.
Tohru laughed at his comment and they both walked out of the hospital happily together.
K: I don't know if you quite caught it because you were crying, but you're three months along!
T: I'm so happy right now! There are no words to explain how I feel right now!
As they got home Tohru went to the kitchen to prepare a snack for Kyo, but she was stopped when she felt him come up and feel her tummy.
K: Tohru there is a baby growing in your tummy!
T: I know!
K: I love you and her so much!
T: I love you too and you have already decided it's a girl huh.
K: I know it's a girl.
T: I will love it whether it's a boy or a girl.
They both went to bad happy as could be.
Next day
As Kyo woke up to get ready for work at the dojo he heard Tohru vomitting again in the bathroom. He knocked on the door only to find Tohru asleep by the toilet.
K: I can't blame her for falling asleep by the toilet.
As Kyo picked up Tohru and put her back in bed so she could sleep comfortably. As Kyo got in the car and pulled out his phone to find Yuki's number. He pressed it thinking to himself that Yuki was probably up to go to class right now. Yuki answered with a sleepy voice.
Y: Hello.
K: Hey Yuki.
Y: Why are you calling so early I was just about to head out for school?
K: Well I just wanted to call to tell you that you're going to be an uncle in about six months.
Y: What do you mean Kyo?
K: What does it sound like I'm trying to tell you that Tohru and I are having a baby!
Y: Really that is wonderful! I was actually going to stop by later if it's ok with you?
K: Sure, but don't tell Tohru she will be excited if you come unexpectedly.
Y: Ok. Congrats by the way!
K: Thanks! I'm Kind of nervous.
Y: Well it'll be fine. I need to get to class, see you later.
K: See ya.
As Tohru woke up she nooticed it was time for her to get dressed and go to work also, but she just remembered the news and that she had to tell her boss that she needed a break for her pregnancy because the doctor told her to stay at home and rest.
Boss: Tohru you're late all of the sudden what happened?
T: Well um i need to ask you somehting actually, if that is ok?
Boss: Please step in to my office.
As Tohru explained to her boss the news her boss gave her the break for her pregnancy and some extra weeks for after she gave birth.
T: Thank so very much for understanding!
Boss: No problem i have gone through this already I completely understand and congrats!
T: Thank you!
The work day went by quickly only for her to go home and make dinner for both her and Kyo. As Kyo came home he saw tohru sitting on the couch reading. Tohru didn't notice he was standing right in front of her because she was so into her book. She gasped when Kyo put his ear up to her tummy to listen to the baby.
K: I'm home.
T: We missed you!
Kyo grew a smile on his face when he heard that not only did his wife miss him, but also his unborn child.
K: Well I missed you both too!
Ring Ring!
T: I will get it.
K: Stay here I have it.
T: Ok.
K: Long time no see!
Y: Hello Kyo!
Tohru had made it half way to the door when she recognized the voice.
T: Yuki you're here!
Y: Hello Mrs.Sohma how are you!
T: Great and you!
Y: I feel great! I also heard the great news about the baby, congrats!
T: Thank you! Why don't you come in and we can talk!
Y: Sure!
After about and hour of three of them talking Yuki had to leave so he could get to his apartment to get ready for school the next day.
Y: Thank you again and I'm truly happy for you!
T/K: Thank you!
Y: You should come by soon so we can hang out!
T: Of course!
After Kyo and Tohru finished their dinner they changed into pajamas and climbed in bed. Kyo pulled Tohru to face him and gave her a passionate kiss then pulled her as close as he could to his chest.
About two months later
K: I'm home Tohru!
T: We missed you!
Kyo walked into the kitchen and found Tohru making dinner. As she turned he realized how big her tummy was starting to get. He smiled to himself then went over to kiss her and her tummy. As he turned around to go to restroom he felt Tohru grab his hand. As he looked at her worried he felt her put her hand to her tummy.
K: Tohru what are you doing?
T: Just wait please.
Then all of the sudden he felt it a little baby kicked. The biggest smile went across both of their faces. He forgot all about using the restroom knelt down on his knees and listened. He was so amazed when he felt the baby kicking and he heard it move. Kyo looked up at Tohru who was still sitting there smiling. He got up and kissed her again.
T: It feels so wierd, but also so amazing!
K: I can't wait, but I'm so nervous!
T: I feel the same way, but all I know is that it will come out healthy and you will be a great father!
Kyo looked at her with love in his eyes and saw that radiant glow she had was coming from the baby inside her.
2 weeks later
K: Come on Tohru.
T: Alright Kyo.
As she walked down the stairs she was dressed in an outfit Ayame sent when he heard the news about the baby. It was a light blue dress with just enough room for her belly and a pair of ballet flats for her swollen ankles.
K: You look beautiful!
T: Thank you Kyo, But I feel like an elephant.
K: You look just fine now let's go.
T: Ok
About 30 minutes later
Y: Ah Kyo and Tohru you're here!
K/T: Hello Yuki!
Y: Come on in, Machi is in the living room waiting for you!
M: Tohru, Kyo it's so nice to see you two!
T/K: Nice to see you too!
M: Tohru can i feel your tummy?
T: Of course you can the baby started kicking already!
As Machi feels Tohru's belly Machi is suprised to feel a small little kick come from tohru's womb. As Machi gasps Yuki comes and stands next to Machi and Tohru offers a hand out to him.
T: Would you like to feel it kicking?
Y: If you don't mind?
As Tohru puts Yuki's hand on her tummy the baby immediately starts to kick and wiggle. Yuki feels the baby moving and a smile escapes him.
Y: It's so amazing!
M: Isn't it!
As Kyo, Tohru, Machi, and Yuki talk about the baby and life the time passes them and evetually Kyo and Tohru left the apartment.
About 2 months later
T: Momiji how are you!
MS: I'm doing great and so is Haru what about you?
T: I'm doing great!
MS: Your tummy is getting quite big I can't wait for the baby!
T: Me too! About one more month and she will be here!
MS: Really that's it?!?!
K: Mmhmm then we will have a little baby sitting in our arms.
T: Yep we will!
K: Haru how have you been!
H: Good I guess. How are you and the baby doing Tohru?
T: We are doing great one more month! I'm so nervous, but happy!
H: Well I hope it's born Healthy.
K: Thanks Haru.
H: No problem.
1 month later
As Kyo was walking into the house he saw Yuki, Machi, and Hatori all surrounding Tohru, who was trying to keep herself from screaming. As Kyo saw what was happening he ran to Tohru and grabbed her hand. Kyo almost didn't notice the liquid that was on the floor.
K: Yuki what's happening?!
Y: I'm not sure ask Hatori.
K: Hatori what's wrong with Tohru?
HS: Her water broke and she is going into labor so we need to get her to a hospital.
H: Yes Kyo, but please calm down it'll worry Tohru and we don't want her in more pain than she already is in.
Kyo nodded and helped Tohru get into the car to drive her to the hospital. Every step was painful for her so Kyo decided to carry her to the car. As soon as he got in he put his seatbelt on and grabbed her hand that was in a fist from all the pain.
K: We will be at the hospital in just a minute.
T: Ok.
K: Don't hesitate to squeeze my hand when it hurts, ok.
T: Ok
As they arrived hatori was already sitting there with a wheelchair waiting for them. Tohru tried to get out of the car herself, but squealed when another contraction hit. Kyo ran to her as fast as he could put her in the wheelchair and helped her onto the bed that Hatori had arranged for her to have before they got there. As the doctor came in to see how dialated she was she was amazed to say that she was 8 cm, but she still needed to wait for awhile. Kyo was wiping the sweat off Tohru's forhead as she winced at the pain. As Yuki entered the room he saw Kyo and Tohru sitting there. It took him about three strides to get right next Kyo and Tohru. Then unexpectedly they heard Tohru scream which scared Kyo and Yuki. Kyo held her hand and wiped the sweat from her forhead as she let out another yell.
Nurse: Alright Mrs.Sohma we are going to have you pushing now, ok.
Tohru nodded and Kyo sat straight up preparing himself to see his child soon.
Nurse: Alright Tohru on the count of 3 I want you to hold your breath and push as hard as you can. Ready? 1..2..3..
Tohru pushed with all her might and squeezed Kyo's hand at the same time. Kyo winced at the pain in his fingers, but he knew it couldn't compare to Tohru's pain right then.
K: Tohru you're doing great! Keep Going!
Nurse: Push!
Tohru pushed again
Nurse I can see the head! One more push and the baby will be completely out!
Kyo looked to see a little baby head stained in red. Tohru took a deep breath and pushed one last time. Tohru stopped pushing when she heard a baby's cry.
Nurse: It's a little baby girl! Congrats!
K: Tohru look we have a little baby girl!!
T: Its a girl?
K: Yes a perfectly healthy baby girl!
Nurse: Mr.Sohma would you like to cut the cord?
As Kyo took the scissors to cut the cord he felt like the luckiest man in the world because he felt complete in so many ways. Kyo turned around to see Tohru holding their daughter, his dauther.
T: Look she has your hair Kyo.
Kyo looked at the little girl, who sure enough had a full head of orange hair.
K: she has big red eyes.
T: Do you want to hold her Kyo?
As Kyo put his arms out to hold his daughter Tohru handed her to him. Tohru smiled when she saw her husband with a little mini him just as a girl. As Kyo held her he finally felt like what it was like to be a daddy.
K: She is so beautiful!
T: Yes she is! I'm so excited and happy!
K: I'm going to go tell everybody.
Kyo walked into the waiting room where almost his whole family was sitting.
K: It's a little baby girl!
Everybody got up and congratulated him on the new baby. Kyo, Yuki, Machi, Momiji, Haru, Shigure, and Hatori all went to see the little girl in the nursery.
Y: She is so small.
K: I was scared to hold her because i felt like if I made the wrong move that she would break.
MS: Aw she is so cute!
H: She looks just like you Kyo.
K: Yea she does, but that's what makes her my mini.
S: Your little flower huh?
K: Yea sure.
S: I swear this is probably the first time I have seen you cry Kyo!
K: This is the only time you will see me cry old man.
Kyo went back to the room Tohru was in to find her asleep. He pulled up a chair and never left her bedside for the rest of the night.
Next morning
Tohru was woken up by the sunlight. She propped herself up to see where she was not noticing Kyo had fallen asleep at her bedside. Finally Kyo also woke up from Tohru moving her hand away from his. Tohru winced at the small pain in her stomach, but ignored it.
K: Good morning beautiful.
T: Good morning Kyo, I didn't mean to wake you up though.
K: It's fine I was about to get up anyway to go see her.
As soon as Tohru heard the words she immediately asked if the baby was healthy.
T: Is she healthy and cute!!
K: Yea she is, but why don't you see for yourself.
T: Ok.
Tohru started to get up, but kyo motioned for her to stay there.
K: I will go get her give me one second, ok?
T: Ok!
Kyo made sure it was fine to take his daughter in to see Tohru her mother. The nurse told him it was fine and gave him a bottle full of milk and told him that he could feed her also.
Knock Knock
K: Look who I brought with me.
Tohru smiled as soon as she saw Kyo with a little pink blanket and a bottle in his hand.
T: She is actually here!
K: Yep and she as healthy as can be.
T: Can I hold her please?
Kyo handed Tohru their sweet little daughter. An even bigger smile escaped her when she saw she had Kyo's hair and eyes.
T: She looks just like you!
K: Yep she does.
T: She is so cute and beautiful!
Kyo looked at her in amazement at how Tohru changed from an 18 year old adult to a very loving mother. He didn't notice, but Tohru was handing their daughter to him to feed her.
K: Are you sure you don't want to feed her?
T: I'm sure there was always this tradition we had which was to let the father feed the baby first.
K: Ok.
T: I don't know what we should name her.
K: I think it should be Kyoko Tsubaki.
T: I like that name!
Kyo tried the name out and they both decided that the name was perfect. Kyo chuckled when Kyoko yawned and then sneezed.
T: Awwwwww she is so cute, small, and perfect!!!!!
K: I can't think of anything better than this!
2 days later
Tohru sat in the back of the car with Kyoko, who was just sitting there playing with tohru's fingers. They were finally heading home.
T: Look Kyoko it's your home!
Tohru and Kyo got out of the car to head into the house. Tohru tried to get Kyoko, but kyo wouldn't let her carry the baby seat since she just got out of the hospital.
K: Hey Tohru guess what?
T: What is it Kyo???
K: We have our own family now!
T: We do don't we....... I can't imagine life without you or kyoko, this is everything i asked for and more!
Tohru stopped when she heard Kyoko crying. Tohru picked her up out of the carseat took her upstairs and rocked the baby to sleep.
K: I think you were born to be a mother Tohru.
T: I don't know I think it's just women's instinct.
One year later
T: Kyoko you're just way too cute!
KY: Daddy…..daddy!!
T: Daddy is on his way home.
Kyo walked in the door, but Tohru didn't hear so he went in and and sat behind her just like she was with kyoko because tohru was doing her hair.
T: Huh Kyo welcome home!!
K: Glad to be home with you and kyoko.
KY: Daddy…..yay!!!!!
K: Hey sweetie, how was your day?
Kyoko just smiled and kyo knew what that meant. Kyo is very happy with the family he has and wouldn't trade It for the world. He married the woman of his dreams and has a beautiful daughter. As if his day couldn't get any better Tohru came to him and told him what was on her mind.
K: Huh, Tohru what is it?
T: I'm pregnant!
Yes kyo has the best family ever. Although he used to hate everyone in the Sohma family, there is no possible way for him to hate anything anymore.
This is mt first fanfiction so no flames!!
This is after Kyo, Tohru, and the rest of the gang graduate.....Let us see what life has to bring for the newly wed couple.
greekgeek1213 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This is an amazing fan fiction!!! It's so cute! And Kyoko sounds adorable! Great first fan fiction! :D
TeenaAngst Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG best Fanfiction I have read in a while and the name Kyoko is super adorable great job on your first Fanfiction :)
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